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Robin Maye, Dayton ohio
Tried Wei's a few days ago and loved it.I got the seafood pizza and it was great! Swrvice was friendly and fast. Been telling everyone about it. Will definitely be ordering more
Bill, Dayton
This was our first time enjoying Wei's pizza. My son and I do a Dayton Pizza tour and Wei's was today's stop. We were really impressed. The entire review: September 10, 2016 = It's days like today that we really enjoy doing this tour. It's the opportunity to meet people and hear the interesting stories of their life and passion for what they do. Wei's Pizza on Spinning Road was the place to be. This little mom and pop shop used to be on Salem Ave but moved to Spinning over a year ago - maybe longer. The pizza... wow. Probably one of the most unique crusts I have ever had. It was like... well... have you ever been to an Indian restaurant and had the Naan bread? That's what the crust was like. It was really good. Half of the pizza was Philly Cheese steak, the other half was Mexican Pizza. Cheese steak had rib eye steak, pizza sauce, onions, tomatoes, mozzarella/provolone/swiss cheese blend. The Mexican was marinated steak, jalapenos, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella/provolone with sour cream on the side for dipping. Both halves were fantastic. This was a great pizza. Wei's Pizza is a small place that has seating for 6 people - so it's mainly pickup or delivery unless it's just you and a date. This is not your traditional pizza place though. For those who may not like pizza, they also have a limited menu of Chinese foods, subs, sandwiches, ribs, fried chicken... yep - a little of everything. We really enjoyed talking with the owner while we were there. He really cares about putting out a quality product and he did a great job. Rate: 9
Henry Halm, CLE 216
We were in town to visit the plane museum and found this place just minutes away...awesome pizza...
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